Young People

A wide variety of activities are available for young people. As with all ages in the church, the Sunday Services form the backbone of worship and teaching, and the midweek meeting a focus for prayer and more reflective study.

But it’s encouraging to know that many of our young people are not satisfied with that, and are eager to learn more, and to spend more time with friends from the church.

YPF end of term night out

YPF end of term night out

Youth Fellowship

Youth Fellowship takes place on alternate Friday nights and is aimed at youngsters in the church who are in secondary school. The main aim of the meeting is discipleship so each meeting involves some study and discussion while providing an opportunity for our young people to develop their relationships and encourage one another. Gwydion and Libby Emlyn and  Jonathan Williams are currently leading this group, while the location can vary from house to house.

Get in touch if you’d like further details.